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Who is Crystal McGriff?

Eloquent, loving, meaningful, significant, and unique reflects the spoken word ministry of Crystal McGriff. Caring, giving, humble, compassionate, and courageous reflects Crystal's heart.

Crystal McGriff is a wife, poet, and praise dancer, but most importantly a servant of Christ. Transparency is her strength and it is woven into the seams of each spoken word piece. Her love for writing started at a young age with journaling, poetry, and music. Although she had a close relationship with her family, it was always challenging for her to express herself. It didn't take long before she discovered writing was a natural outlet. Although writing was a part of her life, she also had a fear of public speaking. It wasn't until her senior year in high school she overcame her fear, and by her junior year in college wrote and recorded two EP projects and was performing on campus and other venues. In 2010, Crystal rededicated her life to Christ, and has not looked back. Her poetry is now Christ focused and strives to encourage people with the love of Christ through her poetry and spoken word pieces. She has performed at different churches and venues in the metro Detroit area and Chicago. She currently serves alongside her husband in Royal Oak, MI.

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