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Back Down Memory Lane

Before we moved to Texas, every now and again I would drive by my old neighborhood. I would do this maybe once or twice a year. I spent most of my childhood in one house. I remember we moved there when I was about 5 or 6. I sat at our dining room table for hours writing our address over and over again, per my parent's request. I can remember each room vividly. The first floor was the den, bath with a shower, kitchen, living room, and dining room. We also had a cedar closet, but no furs lol. The second floor was 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom. Then we had the basement, which is where I matured in my pool game. The pool table transitioned into a laundry table. And another area transitions from lounge space, to a mini barbershop, to a home gym. We had a two-car garage in which we never parked. I'm not sure it was ever up to code, it was mostly for storage. And we had a basketball rim cemented into the ground.

There were so many memories in that home. So it was disappointing when I pulled up and the home was abandoned. The last time I drove by, there was a family living there with twin girls. But, now it is vacant with boards in the windows. What happened to the family keeping my family home alive? It made me a little sad. As I began to reflect on the good and challenging times in that home, I also began to reflect on how God has been with me throughout the years.

I've probably lived in over 10 different places since then. Three years max in one location. But no matter where I had to call home for the moment, God was always there. Buildings are temporary, it is the memories and relationships we make in them that last. As I sat parked across the street from an abandoned house, on a block that has also declined, I found joy in the memories. Just as I have over the years in my 10+ residences. An overwhelming feeling of thankfulness began to take over. I've always had a roof over my head, heat, sometimes AC, running water, a bed, lights, and people with whom I loved to share the experience. God has always provided for my needs and blessed my relationships. Things won't always be the same, embrace the change and growth, But also don't forget your humble beginnings!


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