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I'm Back!

Hey everyone! I know I took a brief hiatus after getting started with the blog, but I'm back and ready! The reason for my break so soon after getting started was due to my family relocating. Yep, that's right! My husband and I packed up and relocated from Michigan to Texas. We are actually still unpacking and organizing. This was a big move for the both of us. I have never lived out of state and the majority of my family resides in Michigan. And although my husband has lived in other states, he has spent most of his life in Michigan. We took a chance and packed up our lives in the middle of a pandemic. However, we were not moved or concerned because we believe it was truly the will of God.

This move has been a major shift, yet an exciting journey. With the excitement, we also recognize this is an opportunity for growth. This is when we learn if we have bad habits that follow us or if some things were simply our environment. It would be ignorant to think that a change of location would "solve" all of our issues. Instead, we may be in for a rude awakening. There are people out there who thought changing their location and friends would change their situation. What they found instead is that the problem was not everyone else, but themselves. Not everyone will admit it though. Some will continue to shift the blame no matter how often they move around. But the few who are committed to seeing change and doing better, they will take heed to the revelation and put in the work.

Now, although we didn't leave to "escape" anything, there were some things we were happy to leave behind. I guess the main thing we escaped was the idol of comfort. We were too comfortable with how things were going, or not going. We want to be seen as pleasing to God in every aspect and relationship of our lives. I don't think this journey will be easy, but it will be worth it!

A walk with God is an adventure....follow God!


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