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Oh nothing much, just Quarantining!

There has been much time to spare since most of the country has gone on lock down. Michigan has extended our Stay Home Stay Safe order to May 15th, along with other states. That means I have officially cancelled two trips in two weeks. I saw a meme that said said "We make plans, but God makes the final decision." Oh how true it is!

I just knew next week I would be in Denver enjoying the mountain air. I just knew two weeks from now I would be in Dallas roaming around with my husband. Apparently I just knew nothing at all. Thanks to the Rona I also spent my 33rd birthday at home without friends and without family. But I did have my awesome husband who did his best to make it enjoyable. And that he did! He risked his life for some lamb chops and caramel cake. LOL

To be honest, I don't have anything to complain about. I actually have much to be thankful for instead. Oh let me count the ways 🎵

1. I'm still working, and our company gave us a nice bonus (Ayyeee!!!)

2. I'm in good health.

3. I have more than the bare necessities.

4. My bills are paid.

5. We have been able to give to those during this time who may not be as well off as we are.

6. My family is well.

7. I am focusing more time on growing my relationship with Christ.

8. More quality time with my husband.

9. A time to refocus on old projects and produce new ones

10. Etc

Although none of these things are in order, I'm most excited about #7. I won't go into detail right now, but I do want to leave you with something to think about.

Reflection: What things did you complain about that you miss right now?

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